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Nice game! The concept is original, and the music fits well. However, I'm a little disappointed with the ending :(


 Fun game with some nice music to go along.It brought through a good amount of tension of trying to get the connections going but I did have some difficulty with placing jacks in the right place. I also would have like some way to re-coil the lines so they didn't look quite so messy at the bottom (once take out). The listen/mute switch per line was a nice touch as well.


Nice job! I'm a big fan of the music :) I think you hit a good balance with the mechanics, it was stressful (in a good way) having to flip through all the channels to find an empty one I could use for a new call!

Thanks :D


Thanks! There are a few bugs that I'd love to get fixed and some features we might try to add in but I'm pretty happy with it considering the time frame. Fabri did a great job on the music.


Snazzy music! I just love the aesthetic completed for this game! This job has made me extremely stressed out with all the missed calls that have gone! I'm pretty I may had connected a general with a Nancy, so now she knows all about the troop movements!

Thanks Yubs :D