How to Play:

  1. Click and drag a plug into a jack with a light above it to connect to a caller.
  2. Flip up the switch below the set of plugs being used to listen to the caller.
  3. Drag the other plug of that color to the jack labeled as the desired city to connect the call.
  4. Continue connecting calls until your work shift is done.


Sounds effects from

  • TRS by Tomlija (
  • Whoosh by qubodup ( 
  • Switch ON - Livingroom by MastersDisaster (
  • buzzer_boardgame_02 by magedu (
  • door_buzzzzer by scarfield (
  • rotary phone ring by lwdickens (

If you want to learn more about female switchboard operators during WWI:

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsLocovocation Games, funkysquid, Fabri, John Tomblin
GenreSimulation, Educational
Made withUnity
TagsWorld War I

Development log


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Nice game! The concept is original, and the music fits well. However, I'm a little disappointed with the ending :(


 Fun game with some nice music to go along.It brought through a good amount of tension of trying to get the connections going but I did have some difficulty with placing jacks in the right place. I also would have like some way to re-coil the lines so they didn't look quite so messy at the bottom (once take out). The listen/mute switch per line was a nice touch as well.


Nice job! I'm a big fan of the music :) I think you hit a good balance with the mechanics, it was stressful (in a good way) having to flip through all the channels to find an empty one I could use for a new call!

Thanks :D


Thanks! There are a few bugs that I'd love to get fixed and some features we might try to add in but I'm pretty happy with it considering the time frame. Fabri did a great job on the music.


Snazzy music! I just love the aesthetic completed for this game! This job has made me extremely stressed out with all the missed calls that have gone! I'm pretty I may had connected a general with a Nancy, so now she knows all about the troop movements!

Thanks Yubs :D