Use the WASD (or arrow) keys to move around the island. Use the mouse wheel (or page up/down) to zoom in and out. Left click to select people (drag to select multiple) and right click to harvest things like trees, or assign them to houses to stay warm.


  • Be sure everyone has a home! Up to two people can be assigned to a single house by right clicking it.
  • Houses won't be able to keep people warm unless you've got a good supply of wood, and workers will go hungry without a supply of berries, so be sure to assign people to gather these resources.
  • New trees and bushes can be planted by choosing them in the build menu, they'll be available to harvest after they've grown up. You can also craft new rocks, iron, and people (we have no idea how but it works!)
  • House foundations can be placed down without paying any resources, but to complete them workers will need to be assigned to build it using 10 wood and 10 stone.


  • Alex - Programming
  • Glissando - Art
  • John Tomblin - Game Design & Programming 
  • Roman Vasilyev - Music & Sound Design

Made for the Jamcraft 4 game jam


Download 22 MB

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